Bismuth - Explore the first Python Blockchain

The Bismuth Platform is an open-source, unfunded project (no initial coin offering, no pre-mining), launched in May 2017 and maintained by the Bismuth Foundation.

Mainet Proof-of-Work SHA224 (custom implementation) GPU mining, Hypernode Proof-of-Stake (custom implementation).

Virtually anything can be created on Bismuth's modular platform, ranging from simple token issuance, to complex decentralized application (dApp) services.

Bismuth global nodes
Global Node Map

Take a look at the Global Bismuth Node Map to have an overview where in the world Bismuth nodes are running.

BIS has an asynchronous contract model which indicates better scaling options

Virtual Collectibles
App - Dragginator Collectibles

Dragginator is a virtual NFT game based on the Bismuth blockchain. Buy and sell dragon eggs.

Bismuth Explorer
Bismuth Explorer

Use the Bismuth Explorer to search for transactions, address balances and blocks.

Github BIS Explorer Source Code

Proof of Concept - ZircoDice
PoC App - ZircoDice

ZircoDice is a blockchain based dice game.

Github ZircoDice Source Code

Bismuth Autogame
Bismuth Autogame

Autogame is a deterministic semi-autonomous computer game with RPG elements.

Github Autogame Source Code

Bismuth Proof-of-Work mainnet launched in 2017, but has been in development since 2014.

Interactive Hypernode Map
Hypernode Map

Interactive Hypernode Map created by Dingo. The map shows the combined weight at each location for the size of every bubble.

Twitter Bismuth Faucet
Twitter Bismuth Faucet

The Twitter Bismuth Faucet sends you free BIS for tweeting about Bismuth. Include the hashtags #Bismuth and $BIS.

Bismuth is the only project in the world that has implemented the alternative approach to smart contracts as suggested by Nick Szabo.

API Explorer
Stator API Explorer

Stator - The POC Bismuth explorer and statistics reporter

Hypernode Monitor
Hypernode Monitoring

Monitor the status of your Hypernode

BIS supports multiple crypto schemes for signatures, making it effectively resistant to a quantum attack towards any single system.