Welcome to ZircoDice

Please send any amount of coins lower than 100 to the address 340c195f768be515488a6efedb958e135150b2ef3e53573a7017ac7d and include the word 'even' or 'odd' in the OpenField data.
You are betting on a random number from 0 to 9 the casino rolls. 0 is considered an even number. Every transaction has it's own roll to prevent abuse.
If you win, you will receive 2x your bet. House returns 95% of your win minus fees. Payout happens after 10 blocks have passed.

News: The outcome is now based on random number drawing, not on numbers included in blocks


Block HeightTimePlayerTXIDCasino RollAmount BetBet onResult
11353932019/04/21,23:17:58731337bb0f76463d578626a48367dfea4c6efcfa317604814f875d10fqU4n8hVTFyK51GVMhbh5Fi8nvLVoNJqHjL8OY63YSaxqHNgPj8DF+Ug90.2oddgreen win


Block HeightTimePlayerTXIDAmount

We are currently at block 1139435 from 2019/04/24,18:25:47 (0 minutes ago)

Statistics for the last 1000 bets
Player wins:1 (0.00%)
Player losses: 0 (0.00%)
Wins amount: 0.2
Losses amount: 0
House balance: 522.96639851
Odds rolled: 2889
Evens rolled: 2857